Cody Tillack

(Thermopolis, WY)

In 2011, I was a partial owner in a very successful service business for several years.  I then decided to leave the business to pursue other opportunities in 2015, but became involved in a bitter, long-running, dispute with my business partner over the value of my share of the business.  I hired Brian Hogan at Hogan Law Group to help me and he spent over three years working diligently to untangle our complex business affairs.  Finally, we had to file a federal court lawsuit to vindicate my rights and at the end, Brian helped me successfully mediate a settlement that resulted in me receiving substantially more than my former partner had initially offered.

Robert O. Lopez

(Former CEO and Owner, L Tech Network Services, Inc., Santa Fe Springs, California)

Brian Hogan at Hogan Law Group was instrumental in getting my company sold.  My 30-year old telecommunications company had become very successful, but I decided it was time to sell.  I originally hired a well-known local firm to act as my attorneys, but ran into some problems with their performance and had to end my relationship with them.  The situation quickly became very serious as the buyer’s lender was getting impatient and threatened to pull out of the deal. Without the loan, my buyer couldn’t complete the purchase of my company.  Another attorney recommended we contact Hogan Law Group, so I hired Brian Hogan and three weeks later the transaction was completed.   Brian solved all the issues and got the deal closed. I cannot give Brian and his firm enough credit for saving the day and getting my company through the transaction.

Helene St. Pierre

(HSR Consulting Team)

“We’ve had such a great experience working Brian Hogan. His excellent legal advice and high quality service were key elements in helping us establish our newly formed business.

Brian is personable, knowledgeable and responsive. He answered all our questions, in many cases even before we asked him. Brian was a valuable resource and went above and beyond by providing us with the essential advice, documents and contracts needed in order for us to form our corporation, We look forward to a long term relationship with the Hogan Law Group and would highly recommend Brian Hogan to other business owners and companies.”

MaryKate Marconi

(Parish Business Manager, CFO, St. Timothy’s Parish)

"Brian helped me with my estate plan, and I was delighted with the result. He was fast but thorough, and the result gave me great peace of mind—now my family is protected if anything should happen to me. I can’t say enough good things about him, and I would recommend him to anyone."

Rod Wilhelms

(Canon Solutions America, District Production Manager)

"Brian helped my mom out with a difficult situation regarding her investments. He carefully analyzed the case and developed a good strategy. He was super-responsive to her questions, and got the matter resolved in very little time. He literally saved here retirement. His fees were fair, and his work was top-notch; my mom still talks about it."

Christian Mack

(Managing Director, Lotus Innovations, LLC)

Brian’s firm assisted us in the sale of our company. He was always super-professional and quick to respond to my questions. He explained many complex points to us in detail, without making them appear too complex. It seemed like he had been doing the work all his life, because he knew just what to do at the right time. I would work with him again and I certainly recommend him.

Tim Voorhees

(Managing Partner, Matsen, Voorhees & Mintz)

“Brian gave me great assistance in resolving a personal partnership dispute involving a great deal of money and many complex financial issues. He was the consummate professional, and showed great skill in negotiating with the other side. His solutions to the problems we faced were creative and effective, and help us reach a solution much sooner than I thought possible, at a reasonable cost”.