Orange County Corporate Attorneys: What We Do

Orange County corporate attorneys

Business succession or exit planning, whether as a product of a merger or acquisition or a sale in contemplation of retirement, is a highly personal process. The Hogan Law Group, PC, a preeminent Orange County corporate attorney team, understands the interplay among the business, personal, financial, legal and tax issues involved in selling a business and tailors a strategy specifically designed for each company.

A Proven, Phased Process Explained By Our Orange County Corporate Attorneys

Ideally, a plan to sell a business should allow for at least two years of planning and preparation for our Orange County corporate attorneys. This methodical and rational approach typically proceeds through the following phases:

  • Phase I: Objectives and Timeline
  • Phase II: Internal Review
  • Phase III: Valuation/Analysis
  • Phase IV: Strategies and Plans
  • Phase V: Implementation

Hogan has developed a highly effective group of specialist partners, primarily called in during Phase II and Phase III, such as:

  • Business management consultants
  • Certified public accountants
  • Commercials appraisal specialists
  • Specialist attorneys
  • Wealth managers

Company Valuation

Ultimately, our Orange County corporate attorneys understand that the bottom line question is always, what is the valuation of the company? A simple question, yet there is no simple answer. Hogan Law takes the approach that most businesses need be valued by employing a number of different methods to give the owner what they need to make informed decisions. Among the standard valuation methods are:

  • Asset-based valuation; a company’s net value is looked at through five different perspectives; book value, replacement cost, appraised value, liquidation value and market value.
  • Revenue multiple method; typically, one year’s gross revenue is multiplied by a factor, which varies by industry and area. Another option may be to use a company’s stock market PE ratio for its industry.
  • Comparable firm transactions; although this can be a very instructive method, information from a privately held company is often difficult to come by.
  • Discounted cash flow; this method may be most valuable because it considers a company’s future more so than its track record.

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