Corporate Law Overview – Orange County Corporate Lawyers

Assisting organizations on corporate purchase and sale transactions, representing the buyer or the seller, serving as outside general counsel to mid-market companies of all types and many other areas of law fall under the umbrella term “corporate law,” such as contract law, tax law, intellectual property, securities law, zoning and the laws specific to the industry the business operates in. The prime role our Orange County corporate lawyers play, however, is to ensure the legality of all commercial transactions the business conducts and to advise the company of its legal duties and rights.

Facilitators of the Deal Explained By Our Orange County corporate lawyers

Corporate law at its best is less adversarial than other fields. While litigation may be unavoidable in some cases, a skilled Orange County corporate lawyers most valuable role is to make sure the transaction moves forward and ultimately is completed through the process of identifying objectives, drafting documents, reviewing agreements, negotiating terms and structuring the transaction.

The Importance of Corporate Counsel to any Size Company

At one time, corporate counsel was reserved for large corporations and public entities; not so any more. In today’s business climate, companies of every size and shape need an Orange County corporate lawyer to provide legal guidance, strategy and protection.

Corporate Law Services

In general, corporate counsel provides advice on day-to-day operations, strategic corporate initiatives, corporate governance matters and compliance issues. More specifically, corporate law matters may involve:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Business succession
  • Business valuation
  • Corporate contracts of all kinds
  • Employee/employer relationships
  • Office and industrial leasing

Outside General Counsel

Many small to medium-sized privately held businesses are unable to afford the cost of full time corporate counsel to handle routine legal matters. An outside general counsel program can be a logical solution. Rather than face the pitfalls and potential liability of handling corporate formalities and legal issues on their own, an outside general counsel can provide the benefits of a senior, in-house attorney without the substantial costs associated with full time legal counsel on staff.

Contact an Orange County Corporate Lawyer for Legal Advice

Companies of all sizes need to be mindful of the essential role a corporate lawyer plays in the success of the business. If you are a member of the executive business team of a business and have concerns as to how well-protected your company is, call our Orange County corporate lawyers at the Hogan Law Group, PC by dialing (877) 302-7759.