Addressing Small Business Litigation Suits

Posted: January 21, 2015 |

Addressing Small Business Litigation Suits

A lawsuit against your firm may come from an employee, another company, a customer or a member of the general public. In the paragraphs below, Orange County business litigation attorneys provide an overview of some of these.

Types of Employee-based Litigation

An employee may have a discrimination case when he or she believes that he or she was demoted, passed over for promotion or refused employment in violation of Equal Employment Opportunity legislation.

A workplace-injury suit may occur if the employee sustained a physical injury due to an accident that happened during the normal completion of the employee’s duties.

Wrongful termination means an employee feels that he or she has been unlawfully or improperly discharged from the company’s employ.

Types of Lawsuits Filed by Another Company

Patent or copyright infringement refers to intellectual property such as product names, slogans, trademarks, logos and the rights to patented product designs that has been used unlawfully. Adopting symbols or products too similar to one already owned may constitute infringement.

If one of the parties bound by a contract fails to uphold the terms, or violates them outright by reneging on the deal or committing some other form of wrongdoing, a breach of contract may have occurred.

Types of Lawsuits from Customers or the General Public

If the customer purchased a product that did not meet his expectations, and that customer’s satisfaction was not met through a return policy or another grievance process, then the customer may have a product liability case against the company who made the product.

Personal injury, in this context, occurs when someone visiting or conducting business on the premises sustains physical harm.

If the claimant feels that the company has perpetrated willful deceit, Orange County business litigation attorneys can explain that the business may face a fraud case.

Your Orange County Business Litigation Attorneys Can Help You Avoid These Issues

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