What Makes Hogan Law Group Unique

Orange County Business Litigation Attorneys

For over 20 years, Hogan Law Group has carved out a unique niche of the law and today, our attorneys are highly regarded as leading experts in the area of mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”).

We use a 360-degree approach to M&A, considering we represent both buyers and sellers, and we navigate a wide range of business variables that have the potential to negatively impact an M&A transaction.

Most M&A transactions require a deep understanding of valuation, accounting, insurance, real estate, intellectual property, employee benefits, human resources, estate planning, asset protection and others. Hogan Law Group’s broad range of business experience and successful results in these key areas leads to the most successful outcomes for both buyers and sellers.

Buying or selling a business has some degree of risk inherent in each transaction and Hogan Law Group understands how to navigate complex issues between business, personal, financial, legal and tax considerations involved in selling a business. From our 20 years of successful experience, we realize every business situation is unique and this is why our recommendations and support is tailored specifically to our clients’ unique business vision and goals.

What You Can Expect

The Hogan Law Group realizes our clients not only deserve aggressive and resourceful legal representation for their business needs, they also deserve personalized attention and respectful and responsive approach in all interactions.

  • You can count on us for placing your best interests at the very heart of everything we recommend and do for you.
  • You can trust us to be candid and forthright in our legal guidance, even though it may not be always exactly what you may want to hear.
  • You can rely on us to treat your business situation entirely unique and to provide innovative recommendations tailored specifically for your best outcomes.
  • You can expect the most responsive and respectful communication with our team and a strong focus on results throughout our relationship.

Let Us Know How We Can Help

If you are considering an upcoming business or real estate transaction and would like to discuss various options or concerns, we invite you to call our experienced team (877) 302-7759 or email us at [email protected]